Friday, 27 November 2015

Time to Support Your Local Bike Shop

Despite the growth of cycling it’s disappointing to hear that two of Worcester’s largest independent bike shops will have closed by the end of the year.  After 27 years Peddlers in Barbourne has already shut up shop. The Green Bike Company in St John’s has announced it will be closing after Christmas.


It probably reflects the wider retail trends of more shoppers choosing to use the larger multiples and increasingly the internet to buy their bikes and cycling kit.  

What’s often not fully appreciated are the advantages of buying from and supporting your local bike shop. They’re usually staffed by cycling enthusiasts with lots of detailed knowledge about different types of bikes, equipment and the local cycling scene.  They are therefore well placed to offer the advice you need when choosing a bike and accessories to meet your specific needs and budget.

Many independents carry a range of bikes from different manufacturers. They often allow you to try before you buy and can advise on the type and size of bike you need and ensuring what you buy is a good fit.

Most shops offer great after-sales service too.  A free first service and adjustments are usually included. 

Push Bike! will be uploading a full listing of bike shops around Worcestershire on this blog in the new year, but here’s a list of independents in the Worcester News area:

Worcester Cycle Centre
Barbourne Cycles
F Lewis Cycles
On Bike

Malvern Cycles
On Track

Echelon Cycles

The Missing Link Bicycle Company

If you’re thinking about buying a bike or cycling kit for Christmas I’m sure they’d welcome your custom.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Share With Care

It's not uncommon to hear motorists and pedestrians complain about errant cyclists. Sometimes this is undeserved and overstated but Push Bike! recognises that local cyclists should obey the law and learn to share our increasingly congested highways better.

Here’s a summary of a ‘cycling code’ the national cycling charity Sustrans has pulled together. Hopefully it will encourage cyclists locally to be courteous and always cycle with respect for other highway users.

When cycling on roads:
  • Always follow the Highway Code
  • Don't cycle on pavements except where designated for cycle use
  • Use your bell or give and audible warning... not all pedestrians can see or hear you
  • Position yourself on the road, wear conspicuous clothing and use lights in poor visibility to make yourself more visible to other road users
  • Keep your bike and especially your brakes road worthy

When cycling on shared use paths:
  • Give way to pedestrians, leaving them plenty of room
  • Keep to your side of any dividing line
  • Don't expect to cycle at high speeds. Slow down and stop if necessary
  • Be careful at junctions, bends and entrances
  • Use a bell or polite audible warning to let others know you're there
  • Give way to wheelchair users and horse riders
  • Acknowledge those who give way to you
Experience in the UK and abroad shows that our roads and shared paths can be shared comfortably and safely if we all show respect for other users.
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