Thursday, 6 November 2014

Investment in cycling would save the NHS billions

By 2020 its estimated 24% of UK adults will be obese. Treating Type 2 diabetes alone will be costing the NHS £10 billion a year.

 Two recent studies have highlighted how increasing cycle use could deliver significant savings for the NHS. One from British Cycling, undertaken by Westminster University, stated that if cycling levels in the UK were improved to Danish levels then the NHS would save £17 billion over two decades.

Investing in cycling

British Cycling policy adviser, Chris Boardman, said: “this paper shows that more cycling would touch the lives of all Brits in a positive way – whether they themselves choose to use a bike or not.”

A similar study carried out by Leeds and Cambridge Universities for the Cyclists’ Touring Club shows that increasing investment in cycling to £10 per head and boosting the proportion of trips made by bike form 3% today to 10% the NHS would be saving £1billion a year by 2025, with wider health benefits worth £6 billion.

The investment being sought equates to £600 million a year. It is based on the Government endorsed “Get Britain Cycling” report.  It doesn’t even ask for preferential treatment for cyclists as its only 3% of the total transport budget.

In recent market research 87% of adults taking up regular cycling stated health and fitness as the prime motivation. If you want to improve your health why not consider using a bike rather than the car for more of those shorter journeys.

Its not brilliant, but Worcester already has a reasonable cycle network. Possibly why cycle levels in the City are already 50% higher than the national average. You can download a free copy of the Worcester Walking and Cycling map.

Winterproof your bike session in Worcester

On Wednesday 19th November we will be running a winterproof your bike session in Worcester at Npower. Most likely 10am – 2pm.
There will be a Sustrans information stall and advice about lights, reflective materials, mudguards, staying warm, planning routes on gritted roads when it’s really cold, not riding through puddles that could be hiding potholes etc.
The aim is to talk to existing cyclists to motivate them & provide support & guidance to keep them cycling over the Winter.
Phil Northall from Sustrans will be running the stand but is looking for some extra volunteer support.
We are looking for a volunteer(s) who cycle(s) over the Winter.
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