Saturday, 30 August 2014

Push Bike! at the Worcester Show 2014

Push Bike!
Push Bike! at the Worcester Show
Push Bike! had a busy day at the Worcester Show in Gueluvelt Park recently. We had many people visit our stand which was packed with advice leaflets and route maps. We did our best advise on where buy or hire bikes or cycling equipment (including some unusual bike parts), on cycle routes and much more. Our other attractions were:

  • Free bike checks by Andy from Barbourne Bicycles 
  • A 'Guess the number of faults on this bike' competition
  • Secure cycle parking
  • Two afternoon led rides
We had several visitors sporting vintage or unusual bikes.

Worcester Vintage Cycle Club
Ladies of the Worcester Vintage Cycle Club
Vintage tricycle
Vintage tricycle
Two's company on a tandem
The afternoon led rides were popular:

Push Bike! guided ride
Push Bike! afternoon ride
And, finally towards the end of the day, there was time to sit down with a cup of tea....

See us again at the Stage 4 Worcester to Bristol Tour of Britain, starting at The Hive,Worcester on 10th September 2014


Monday, 25 August 2014

Bike to Work

In 2011 2,087 Worcester residents cycled to work. At 4.2% of the workforce that's over twice the County average. There's a good chance that numbers have increased since, but even more could be enjoying the many benefits of using two wheels rather than the car for the daily commute.

Cycle commute (Patton on Flickr)
  1. Feel Happier Exercising in daylight helps set your circadian rhythms, boosts levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin, rids your body of the stress hormone cortisol and enables you to get a better, longer regenerative sleep.
  2.  Live Longer Building regular exercise into your daily routine can significantly lower risks of cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. Regular cyclists live 2 years longer and are as fit as someone 10 years younger.
  3. Travel Cheaper With no fuel costs, parking fees and much lower maintenance and depreciation costs cycling is a cheaper and faster way of getting around Worcester’s congested streets. Saves on gym fees too.
  4. Get Leaner Jogging is a great way to burn fat, but cycling is much kinder to the body. Cycling raises your body’s metabolic rate to burn calories and fat during a ride, but also for several hours afterwards. This effect increases as you get fitter and if you include a few faster intervals.
  5. Save the planet It takes around 20 times less materials and energy to build a bike than a car. There's almost zero air and noise pollution and you'll be getting up to 3,000 miles per gallon.
Oops, lost a shoe - but I'll still get there in time (Tejvan Pettinger on Flickr)
Still not convinced its for you? Here are a few more facts that may help inspire
  •  Per mile travelled you’re no more likely to get killed than a pedestrian
  • Health wise its 20 times less dangerous than not cycling
  •  Its twice as fast as a car in traffic and 3 times as fast as walking
  • There’s about a 3% chance of getting rained on
  • Arriving more punctually and taking fewer ‘sickies’ is likely to impress the boss and improve your promotion prospects
  • If your employer offers the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme you can get a new bike and kit at up to 42% off
The 4th September is National Bike to Work Day. So why not take up the challenge and register your first cycle commute

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Join the movement

Think of "sustainable transport" and then condense the words to form Sustrans, now the leading Charity enabling people to choose how they travel, suggesting alternatives to the car. Although the Charity first evolved in 1977, from the ideas of a group of cyclists in Bristol, it was not until 1995 that meaningful work commenced on the National Cycle Network, courtesy of a substantial Lottery grant, now resulting in over 14,000 miles of signed cycle route across the UK. and a twenty year celebration arriving next year. Whilst the main office is still in Bristol, there are regional centres around the Country, helping to generate further initiatives for pedal power.

Cycle into the city
The Charity has over 3,000 volunteers and 40,000 supporters, 75% of the UK. population lives within two miles of the Network; the aim is to halve that distance and bring the Network within one mile (or, with more support, closer still).

However, it is not just about cycling and more can be found on

So how does Sustrans work in the Worcester and County area?

Many will be aware of the Diglis Bridge, opened in 2010, and providing an ideal traffic-free crossing on the Severn, shortening journeys and making for a more pleasant way to travel to work or for leisure purposes. Now used for over a half million journeys, vastly exceeding expectations, the Bridge has become an integral part of the City's alternative transport system. The Bridge was constructed as a result of Sustrans winning a national public vote in 2007, securing a Lottery grant totalling £50m., which covered nearly eighty projects across the UK., connecting communities, especially where difficulty occurred with transport links. An essential part of the bid for funding was the provision of a number of feeder routes to ensure easier travel, all of this in partnership with the City and County Councils.

Sustrans, through its volunteer groups (three in Worcestershire), maintains the cycle routes out into the countryside and through towns, so the next time you are out on the bike' and see a blue-background sign, with a red patch number on it, cycle symbol and, possibly, a route destination, you are using part of the National Cycle Network. To discover more about the Network, have a look at the mapping section of the website or, if you are riding locally, maps for various routes are available from the County Council (at County Hall), the Environment Centre in Gheluvelt Park, Tourist Information or local bike' shops.

Sustrans, bringing you the National Cycle Network, closer to home.

What's on: advance notice for the  Worcester Show in Gheluvelt Park on Sunday 17th. August, from 1 until 5pm, plenty of attractions and a definite cycle theme. On the same day the Charity, Acorns has a sponsored Acorns Severn Valley Cycle Challenge ride along the Severn Valley (part of the National Cycle Network), from Bridgnorth (check

Enjoy your Summer cycling.
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